How much does it cost?

Please call us for pricing.

What is your cancellation policy?
We offer one of the best and fair cancellation policies in the business. Please see our Cancellation Policy on our Reservations page.
Can we drive/operate the boat?

No. The boat is operated by Captain Jace. You and your guests just sit back and enjoy the ride.
Do you offer fishing charters?


Can we be picked up or dropped off at other locations?
Yes. Please discuss your pick up/drop off location with our booking agent.
What do we wear on our feet?
PLEASE … no dark colored soles, otherwise, any soft soles are okay. Do not arrive wearing raised soles. To those booking the charter, please relay this information to all the guests.
Can we pay per person?
We accept a single fee for the boat regardless of the number of guests, to a maximum of 8. It is up to the person paying for the charter to manage and share the cost of the charter within your group. Your cruise is a private charter for you and your group only and the cost is therefore never shared with others outside your group.
What’s included with the charter?
All of our charters include a cooler with ice, bottled water, and a 12-pack of ice-cold beer. We have a radio, Bluetooth, and 4 USB ports, should you wish to hook up your own music during the charter. We also have snorkeling gear on board for your use.
Are there additional fees like paying for fuel?
No. Unlike many other chartering businesses, our fee is all inclusive.
What to bring?
As our guests, you’ll want to bring sunscreen, sunglasses, jackets, phone chargers, beach towels, and any other personal items you may need while we’re out to sea.
Can we bring our own food?
You are welcome to bring your own food and drinks.
Can we bring alcohol on the boat?
Yes, but only guests 18 years of age or older can consume alcohol on the boat. We will ask for proof of age.

Please do not consume alcohol prior to boarding the boat. The captain will not allow guests to board who are obviously intoxicated. In addition, if anyone becomes intoxicated to the extent they pose a danger to themselves, the other guests, or the boat, the captain will take the most direct route to return the boat to the dock. Early returns are not refundable.

Is there a bathroom on board?
No. Most of our destinations are within 30-45 minutes from pick up locations.

“Beautiful boat. Comfortable. Clean. Great music. Captain Jace knows the islands so well. When we wanted peaceful sandy beaches he took us there. Fresh local flavor outdoors at delicious seaside restaurants. If I could choose 10 stars I would!”